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Why General Ionics
General Ionics presents the only water EPA-registered Bacteriostatic Water Conditioner that not only
softens municipally-treated water, but also inhibits the growth of bacteria within the filter media bed. The
Model IQ, the unit with a brain, features state-of-the-art Metered Regeneration Control that provides salt
savings of up to 40% over conventional timers.

With the IQ Regeneration Control, there is no need for "vacation" or "guest" switches. This "brain"
automatically meters any increase or decrease in water usage, and therefore regererates only when
necessary. As a result, you realize the savings three ways:

- Salt Consumption
- Water Usage
- Sewage Fees/Taxes

The General Ionics Model IQ Bacteriostatic Water conditioner gives you absolutely carefree convenience and
reliable performance, plus the unique polishing of your water with the silver-impregnated activated carbon.
The Water Conditioner with a brain gives you all of these advantages:

- Bacteriostatic feature inhibits growth of bacteria within the meda bed
- Meter-controlled regeneration for big savings
- Corrosion-resistant 6-cycle bronze control valve for trouble-free operation
- Beautifully polished chrome/nickel stainless steel mineral tank with limited lifetime warranty
- High-density polypropylene brine tank with a limited lifetime warranty
- High capacity S-759 resin for superior hardness removal as well as high recovery rates during regeneration.

What We Service
-General Ionics Water Systems
-Ionics Water Systems
-Puronics Water Systems
-Culligan Water Systems
-Kinetico Water Systems
-Rainsoft Water Systems

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